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9 Jan

MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading Apps on Google Play

This includes ensuring that customers are offered fair prices, that transactions are completed in a timely manner, and that clients’ assets are safeguarded. As the client funds are not part of the broker’s assets, they cannot be seized to cover the debts. The UK’s CFD veteran, IG is an excellent choice for trading CFDs in […]


25 Oct

How to Use the Empirical Rule: 7 Steps India Dictionary

Contents Gathering all the data calculated so far Uniform Distribution tutorial The Normal Distribution and the 68-ninety five-99.7 Rule Standard Deviation Tutorial An excel perform of normal distribution NORMDIST() is used to get the possibilities. From given diagram of empirical rule we know that with in one commonplace deviation of mean the data is 68%. […]


24 Oct

Download the MetaTrader 5 trading platform for free

Contents MetaTrader 5 Web Trading MT4 Expert Advisor VPS Hosting Request How to transfer your MT4 account to us MT4 on a Mac with XM Markets How to Install MetaTrader 4 For Mac The article describes Drag Trade Library that provides functionality for visual trading. The library can easily be integrated into virtually any Expert Advisor. […]


20 Oct

Difference Between Bull And Bear Market

Contents Investor Outlook Types of bear markets Bull vs. Bear Market: An Overview In all likelihood, there will be strong GDP growth, and companies’ financial performance will be on the rise along with other better economic data. This information is not intended as a recommendation to invest in any particular asset class or strategy or […]


22 Jul

Learning Center Trailing Stop Links

Contents Automated Trading What Is A Good Percentage For A Trailing Stop? Trailing Stop Do you know where to set your stop-loss?  The DTS does. Execute Trailing Stop-Loss Strategies in Real Time The trailing stop loss was looser and would begin moving up once the position became profitable. However, thanks to the dynamic capabilities, the […]


1 Jul

Złoto inwestycyjne czy opłaca się inwestować w złoto?

Содержание Cena Złota w walucie PLN.USD.EU Kursy palladu w PLN Złoto inwestycyjne – czy zwolnione z podatku VAT? Najnowsze wiadomości Ceny Złota i Srebra Pieniądz, gdyż ten metal szlachetny potrafi przechowywać swoją wartość przez długi czas, czego akurat nie można powiedzieć o walutach rozcieńczanych systematycznie przez inflację. Tak na prawdę powinniśmy spojrzeć na to z […]


9 Jun

Competitive Pricing Analysis for Competitive Pricing Strategy

Start by creating a table that includes all the relevant data, such as product pricing, sales volume, and your competitors’ pricing. You can also include data such as customer demographics, market trends, and seasonality. Your table should be clean and easy to read, so use formatting tools such as borders and font sizes to make […]


3 Jun

Forex Market Hours map shows the current open closed holiday status and current time for Forex trading centres in the world- 12 hour format

Traders can then look to trade within either the volatile or quiet periods, with both approaches having their own merits and disadvantages. The Tokyo session is perhaps the least liquid of the major sessions to trade forex from the UK because of the time difference and the limited cross over of only one hour between […]


30 Mar

Drawdowns in Forex

He will certainly turn the conversation back to his global performance. Another data point that is used to evaluate the historical performance of a portfolio is the length of the maximum drawdown. The maximum drawdown duration is the longest time between peaks. This could coincide with the largest peak to trough loss, but might not […]


28 Mar

Yuan Jumps to Fifth Most Traded Currency as China Opens Markets

Contents GBPJPY Correlations Following the European currency unit Bank of England USDOLLAR – The Dollar Index You may be interested in other converters in the Common Unit Converters group: The value of fiat currencies is established by public faith in the government issuing the currency and economic decisions made by its central bank. It maintains […]