Concurrency is an integral part of Go, supported by goroutines,channels and the select statement. Go has been my main programming tool since 2012, replacing Java, which in turn replaced C in 1998. My journey as a pro­gram­mer started back in 1978 on aTI-57 with 50 program steps and 8 registers.

advantages of go

Size and speed of generated code will vary depending on target architecture. Go code generation is fairly matureand the major OSes and architectures (Intel x86/x86-64, ARM64, WebAssembly, ARM), as well as many others, are supported. You can expect performance to be on a similar level to that of C++ or Java. Compared to interpreted Python code, the improvement can be huge. Another example is that Go programs withunused package imports do not compile.

Good Support of the Large Community

GoLang is a strong typed language which means it is less flexible than interpreted languages by nature. But Go provides Any type and Reflect mechanism which make the language very close to interpreted languages on flexibility. Not to mention that many developers have switched on to Golang because it’s easier and faster to learn as well. Moreover, 4 Product Management Skills You Might Not Know You Need Go can also be useful for a client who has a tight budget in hand. One of the obvious reasons why Go has performed well is due to the presence of higher CPU scalability and concurrency model. Goroutine also offers affordable resources as against Python Threads, which is about 10 times more costly if you have to process some internal request.

For more comparison, please check out Russell Cohen’s articleWhy you can have millions of Goroutines but only thousands of Java Threads. Golang has already created a buzz around web development industry. It offers a plethora of advantages apart from supporting the multiple platforms along with the cross-platform development. It has made development much easier for the developers and that’s the reason why many are drifting towards Golang Development. Go programming language is muscular with robust networking capabilities.

  • Using Golang as a part of your software strategy, you’re tapping into a pool of talent that will only increase in time.
  • Also developers need to write lots of if blocks to check error and handle it which makes the code less clean.
  • Designed by Google, Golang (officially “Go”) is an open-source, compiled, and statically typed programming language built to be simple, high-performing, readable, and efficient.
  • The main goal was to cope with the challenging task of sending over 500 million messages per day, and provide scalable application programming interfaces .
  • Furthermore, we would be able to understand why Mark Zuckerberg – one of the best minds in the industry – choose functional programming as the foundation for the most-used online platform.
  • Let’s understand what is Go language used for and how to get started with Golang for your software development project.

R allows us to do various machine learning operations such as classification and regression. For this purpose, R provides various packages and features for developing the artificial neural network. 12+ years of experience in open source application development. The Medium is an online content publishing platform and most of its services are maintained and also being developed by the Go programming language.

The font, Go, is humanist sans-serif, whereas Go Mono is monospaced. The Go language is available under the 3-clause BSD license, and the latest version is version 1.17. Therefore, it is not an ideal choice for developing applications that prefer memory optimization.

However, Go is so easy that I assumed I would be able to remember how to use all the built-in functions and keywords. Even though I have been using the language for a year, I still need help to understand the documentation and to see examples of how channels are used. Perhaps I am too familiar with so many programming languages. There is no doubt that Python is an ideal language for developing machine learning models.

What are the challenges associated with Golang?

We don’t have any keyword such as public, so we must use upper case. Some people think stack traces are “unreadable and cryptic”. However, I got used to them, and it is very easy for me to spot a problem using a stack Best Collaboration Tools for 2022 Survey Results The Space Blog trace. Java also has its problems – check exceptions add unnecessary noise. There are frameworks such as Spring Framework that wrap checked exceptions into runtime errors, so you can only catch the ones you expect.

Go has become our first choice — we rarely use other languages for new services. We previously used Erlang/OTP, a platform with decades of wisdom and best practices around distributed systems embedded in its design. We were looking for a language that would allow us to cross-compile software across operating systems, and looking to move away from JavaScript for back-end development. Golang seemed like a reasonable choice since we were also looking towards a service-oriented architecture. The built-in frameworks for testing andprofilingare small and easy to learn, but still fully functional. There are plenty of third-party add-ons, but chances are you won’t need them.

Go comes with a built-in testing tool designed for simplicity and efficiency. It provides you the simplest API possible, and makes minimum assumptions. You can use it for different kinds of testing, profiling, and even to provide executable code examples.

Static code analysis

This helps for building complicated API services without the need to search for the library on GitHub. But before we dig into what advantages does Golang offer, let’s shed some more light on the programming language. One has to credit the trio Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson; the Google engineers for developing this amazing language. However, amid all, Golang or the Go programming language developed by Google has come to the forefront.

  • In order to pull that off, you need a tool to examine all the data in runtime that acts differently depending on its type and structure.
  • In addition, lots of helpful libraries, frameworks, and add-ons to ease the work of Golang programmers have appeared recently.
  • The designers of this language have made the design simple and easy to understand.
  • Go has contributed to over 12 repositories of SoundCloud and 6 services.
  • Though it is a simple language, it lacks versatility, like Haskell and Swift languages.

With its growing popularity, there are a number of reasons you should take a closer look at it. Let’s take a look at some of Go’s features that make it a smart choice for development. Over 6 years of work we’ve helped over 150 companies to build successful mobile and web apps. A function is a block of code that takes an input, processes it, and returns an output. Generic functions are a collection of different functions with the same name, but with undefined types of inputs during compile time.

R Functions

This scenario makes a great choice to use Golang for your upcoming projects. Google created Golang as an answer to software issues of scalability, where hardware resources quickly become a limitation. While a similar function might be invoked with only a couple of lines in Python, a developer may need to code dozens of lines to accomplish the same task in Go.

The company builds industry-specific full stack solutions for clients all over the world. Be it functional programming, pattern matching, or prototypal inheritance. Once you’ve learned it, you carry these approaches with you which broadens the problem-solving toolset that you have as a software developer. It also changes the way you see high-quality programming in general. Functional programming makes functional signatures much more valid and meaningful when compared to other ways that don’t involve functional programs.

advantages of go

The performance is better than those interpreted languages. It is interesting to note that GoDoc is the single documentation engine, which is employed by the entire community. Another important point is that each of the application or the library available in Go uses the similar format of documentation saving a lot of time in this process. It offers static coding and the developer feels blessed because he does not have to use any other additional languages such as JavaDoc, PHPDoc, or JSDoc for the annotation of development. It is basically a statically typed, syntactically, and compiled language, which is quite similar with the C. Its major benefits include memory safety garbage, CSP-style currency, and structural typing along with the others, which would be discussed shortly.

To comply with these requirements, various processes run simultaneously in the background. Go not just makes it happen but does it gracefully, leading to better and brief concurrency. Golang’s advantages includes Goroutines—functions that run simultaneously and independently—, which take little memory space and make it scalable when dealing with several concurrent processes. You can actually run millions of Goroutines without crashing your system, making for a leaner software. MadAppGang is a team of experts in digital product development for web and mobile, certified professionals in cloud-native backend solutions. We have extensive experience in many industries including the following —fintech, future-tech, healthcare and fitness.

While Golang is easy to learn in and of itself, because of the lack of its own GUI library, developers may require extra knowledge and struggle to interface with other platforms. Despite its advantages mentioned above, growing adoption, and popularity, Golang is not a perfect programming language. Other languages, such as Java, require the code to be compiled into bytecode to be executed by the virtual machine. Golang is a compiled language, meaning code compiles into a format the processor understands. However, they have heavily relied on Ruby on Rails but as a polyglot company, they have added many languages to their backend, and Go is one of them. Google created Go for large-scale distributed systems and server environments.

Concurrency can be notoriously difficult to get right, but fortunately, the Go open source programming language makes working with concurrency tractable and even easy. If you’re a developer familiar with Go, this practical book demonstrates best practices and patterns to help you incorporate concurrency into your systems. The story goes that Google engineers designed Go while waiting for other programs to compile.

It’s also a part of the culture to spend the most time actually working on the codebase, instead of tinkering with the tools and the environment. While this might seem too restrictive, it saves tons of time for you and your team. Being somewhat limited is actually a great thing when you are coding.

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